TheLotter Review

The resource provides a service for purchasing lottery tickets. Representatives of the site are in all places of official lotteries, to participate in which offers a resource. These representatives purchase tickets exclusively from licensed distributors.

Attendance TheLotter has been very high for many years, so the site takes care of its reputation. That, in general, it is clear from the specifics of his activities. By the way, this is dictated by one of the limitations - only adults can play through the service.

Users are honestly warned that after winning they will receive the amount transferred from the official lottery organization, taking into account the deduction from it of all local and federal taxes of the country in which the lottery took place. And whether to pay taxes from winning the winner to the budget of his native country is the business of the winner.

"Smart" lottery service

Convenient navigation of the original world lottery resource allows you to dynamically track information about the current official drawings in more than 30 countries around the world. Attention visitors current prize funds, and, which is very important for players - the results of past lotteries. You can look at the winning numbers of the lottery, even if you did not take part in it.

Offers a site and exclusive services. For example, the user has the opportunity to open a subscription to participate in the lottery or in one of its types. TheBig subscription gives you the right to participate in the lottery with the biggest world jackpot. A subscription to theSmart will allow you to try to participate in the most profitable at the moment lottery world.

What does the subscription give? This is a guarantee of the player's participation in the lottery you choose without a mandatory resumption of the bet. Subscription can be opened and canceled at any time. This service can only be on the online resource.

But the most interesting is the attitude of the service to beginners. On their introductory bonus, they receive a 100% return on funds spent in their first game through

And sophisticated players will appreciate the service of multiple tickets. The latter give the chance to the player to bet on the chosen numbers in 5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive drawings. And this includes the first rally. Those who play for a multi-season subscription, pay less for participation in each drawing.

Regular visitors are invited to become members of the VIP Club, who receive a discount up to one-fifth of any amount spent on tickets. And this discount applies to any number of tickets and to any lottery.

Our review is coming to an end, and we say that Thelotter is a serious service that helps the amateurs to try their luck. And the rest is a matter of luck.

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