Australia Monday and Wednesday Lotto

The Australian Monday and Wednesday Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries played in Australia on each Monday and Wednesday. Thegame is simple to understand and play and the odds and prizes are better than most others, the Monday and Wednesday Lotto has a bigger jackpot than many other lotteries and each week millions of people in Australia around the world choose to play the Monday and Wednesday Lotto rather than playing their own local lotto game.

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Playing Monday & Wednesday Lotto

Describing Monday & Wednesday Lotto

With Lotto, you have the opportunity to turn into a millionaire every week. The reason is that each Monday & Wednesday, a guaranteed prize of $1 Million is offered to a maximum number of 4 winners! Monday & Wednesday Lotto entails a game of chance.

Here, 6 winning figures and 2 supplementary figures are chosen from a single lottery draw barrel consisting of 45 figures.

How can I become a winner of Monday & Wednesday Lotto?

Monday & Wednesday Lotto provides a top prize of $1 Million in every draw for an optimal number of 4 winners. Six prize divisions are present in Monday & Wednesday Lotto.

To become a winner of the top prize or Division 1, your entry should correspond with each of the 6 winning figures in one game. Also, you can win a prize using a minimum of 1 or 2 winning digits and 2 supplementary digits.

Closing time for Monday & Wednesday Lotto Draw

The closing time for Monday & Wednesday lotto is 7:30 AEST every night on Monday and Wednesday; the draw occurs immediately afterward. The current outcomes for majority of our games are mainly present by 9:00pm (AEST) on the draw day. Dividends for every game are updated after the draw. They are mainly present on the morning after the draw.

Methods of playing Monday & Wednesday Lotto

When purchasing your entry for Monday & Wednesday Lotto, you initially select how you wish to play.

The simplest technique of playing is QuickPick. Here, the quantity of games that you play is set and your figures are produced on your behalf at random.  With a Marked entry, you can select the number of games you want to play. Also, you can choose the figures which are significant to you. For the future, you can also save them under Favorite. You can play a maximum of 18 games by going in-store to mark a coupon or a maximum of 50 games when setting up your individual entry online.  With a System entry, you can choose additional figures from the 45 barrel.

You can select from 7-20 digits, providing you with extra opportunities to win many prize divisions. Using a Pick entry assures you of either 1 or 2 winning figures. You can also select the length of time you wish to play. In case you intend to go on vacation or are unable to visit your neighborhood store, you can buy an entry into an advance draw. Alternatively, you can play your entry across many draws using a Multi-Week entry. Playing online enables you to pitch in to your entry to instantly play into each draw.

Syndicate for Monday & Wednesday Lotto

A syndicate for Monday & Wednesday Lotto involves playing as a group to increase your winning chances.  You can use a Syndicate entry to combine your cash with a team of players to purchase larger entries. It can raise your winning prospects.  Prizes are split among all members of the group in the event that your syndicate wins. Syndicates can be formed in store using the assistance of amiable members of staff or by utilizing the Lott Syndicate Planner.

Examining your ticket for Monday & Wednesday Lotto

Usually, the winning numbers for the Monday & Wednesday lotto are accessible up to 9:00 (AEST) through the Lott website on Monday and Wednesday.

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